FR Composites

Composites technology


Nova Composites are experts in the development and manufacture of fire retardant composite structures and components and can provide a wide range of epoxy, vinylester, polyester or phenolic resin based solutions depending on the project requirements.

FR Composites

Nova have an extensive library of material and laminate testing to draw from and have a unique range of independently tested solutions for all fire testing standards typically used for architectural wall, roof, cladding and façade structures.

  • NFPA 285 : EPFR-609 + NE11FR - Passed all test requirements
  • EN13501-1 : EPFR-609 + NE11FR – Achieves B - s1 d0
  • ASTM E108 : EPFR-609 + NE11FR – Achieves Class A
  • ASTM E84 : EPFR-609 + NE11FR – Achieves Class A (FS 10, SD 65)
  • FAR 25.853 : Both EPFR-609 (Epoxy) and NP12 (Phenolic) Passed all test requirements

When fire performance is a project requirement it makes sense to talk to Nova.